AOI was born when Mr. Antonio Zanotti from Milan, was in India for a business trip, looking for some artifacts craft similar to those who had purchased many years ago and that his clients required him repeatedly.

Unfortunately, after several days of travel, grew in him the disappointment. He could not find what he was looking for, although he had visited many ancient villages looking for superfine craftsmen.

During his trip, he discovers that the artisans have migrated to metropolitan cities in search of gains offered by factories. He realized that in the age of rapid developments and electronics, the ancient arts crafts are disappearing little by little and decided to do something to preserve it.

Fortunately he met an art expert veteran who had a vision similar to his and was working, too, on how to preserve the arts and crafts of India. The solution was simple but difficult to achieve. He knew that if the artisans had obtained a continuous operation and with a good income, they would rather continue to play their old profession, handed down from generation to generation.

To make this possible, we have designed a strategy: the development of a platform where artisans can sell their products at the right price, without relying on brokers, (wholesalers, importers and distributors and showrooms)

Our mission is simple: to preserve and promote the arts and crafts of India.